I realise that I've made a number of decisions about the Accessify Wiki project recently in a uni-lateral manner. I think this was a mistake, so I'd like to try and get the community involved, to assess those past decisions, and to help make decisions in the future.

Who/ how to make collective decisions. And, retrospective decisions:

Criteria for a "committee"? Edit

Hosting of fix-authoring/ repository/ Wiki environment Edit

  • Choice of a wiki farm/ choice of Wikia - advantages:
    • Based on MediaWiki - PHP, well-known, customizable;
    • Someone else looks after hosting, upgrade support - Wikia;
    • Someone else looks after business model to fund good hardware/ service (that is, advertising);
  • Dis-advantages:
    • Advertising - distraction/ usability?
    • Advertising - may put people off?
    • Wikia corporate header/ footer etc. - distraction?

YAML fix formatEdit

  • Advantages of YAML:
    • human readability; compact/ lean syntax; machine readable; ease of transformation into other formats, eg. JSON;
  • Dis-advantages of YAML:
    • white-space indentation structure (like Python) as opposed to brace structure (like JSON), may be difficult for screen reader users. Proposed solution - provide JSON transformation in pop out window or similar.

Licenses Edit

Tools hosting/ technologies Edit

  • Choice of Google App Engine hosting/ Webapp2 framework/ Python language - advantages:


  • Dis-advantages:


Browser/ Assistive-tech. support Edit

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