The search engine that plants trees!

Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its income to a tree planting program in Brazil. By searching with Ecosia you can help the environment for free!

“By making Ecosia your search engine you can actually help the environment one search at a time.” The Guardian

In August 2013, we launched a new version of Ecosia. The biggest changes are the redesign to Ecosia's interface, and the partnership with The Nature Conservancy's "Plant A Billion Trees" program.

Ecosia is an ecologically inspired search website (Global Alexa Rank 10,916, ranking 606 in Germany, as of September 26, 2013 [1]). Ecosia GmbH, based in Berlin has 10 employees (as of 2010 [2] [3] ) and describes itself as a social business. Source: German Wikipedia

Accessibility and usability fixes for the German search engine.

%YAML 1.2
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    name: Ecosia search
    global_rank: 8905  # German rank: 606;
    lang: en-GB
        - Nick @nfreear
    created: 2013-10-14
a[href = "#"]:
    role: button
    role: search
    aria-label: Type a search term
    placeholder: Type a search term

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    aria-label: Main site menu

    role: header

    role: contentinfo 

    _note: TODO - a popup

    role: main
a[href = "#settings"]:
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    aria-haspopup: true

    role: button
    tabindex: 0
    aria-haspopup: true

.co2-neutral, .total-planted, .you-planted:
    role: complementary

    aria-label: Some statistics
    title: Some statistics

.how-ecosia-works .carousel:
    aria-label: Slides - How does Ecosia work?
    aria-labelledby: .how-ecosia-works > h2
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    title: Previous slide

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    title: Next slide

.carousel-pagination li:
    title: Slide , self@data-slide
    _note: PROPOSAL - can we integrate other attributes into a value? Maybe comma ',' concatenates?

    aria-label: Search results
".results #kbnav-caret":
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    aria-label: Search results pages
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