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%YAML 1.2
    default_locale: en-GB
    created: 2016-01-21
# P1: high priority / blockers.
.main-nav-wrap .logo a img:
    # Replace existing ALT text!
    alt: OU News home page
    title: OU News home page
"#nav-open-btn, #back-top, .nav-prev, .nav-next, .flex-prev, .flex-next, .ajax-search-icon, .mobile-menu-close, .widget a.close, .ajax-load-btn":
    role: button
    tabindex: 0
    title: Open mobile navigation menu
    aria-label: Open mobile navigation menu
    title: Close mobile navigation
    title: To the top of the page

.ajax-search-wrap .ajax-search-icon:
    # Also: opens the search form.
    title: Search site

.ajax-search-wrap form input.field:
    # Match the placeholder.
    aria-label: Search this site

.s-post-nav .nav-prev:
    title: Previous blog post

.s-post-nav .nav-next:
    title: Next blog post

.widget-twitter .flexslider .flex-prev:
    title: Previous Tweet

.widget-twitter .flexslider .flex-next:
    title: Next Tweet

a[ href *= '' ]:
    # Modify existing title.
    title: The Open University on Facebook

.widget.recommend-box > a.close:
    # Modify the existing title.
    title: Close stories about the OU
# P2: medium priority.
".main-nav, .bk-breadcrumbs-wrap, #main-mobile-menu":
    role: navigation

.ajax-search-wrap form:
    role: search

    aria-label: Site breadcrumbs

    role: banner

    role: contentinfo
body.single-post .single-page, body.home div#page-content-wrap:
    role: main
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