Accessibility enhancements for PhET interactive science simulations, including HTML5 canvas and SVG.

PhET provides fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena for free. We believe that our research-based approach- incorporating findings from prior research and our own testing- enables students to make connections between real-life phenomena and the underlying science, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the physical world. University of Colorado Boulder.

%YAML 1.2
    #name: PhET interactive simulations

        - ""
        - ""
        - ""
        _: ""
        xlink: ""
        svg: ""

    ignore_defaults: true
    ignore: "_CONFIG_"  #TODO !
    delay: 3000
# Fixes.
    role: application
    aria-label: PhET interactive simulation using HTML5 canvas and SVG. Requires mouse-dragging.
    title: Loading...
    style: "cursor:progress"
svg[width = 140][height = 460]:
    title: Grabbable balloon
    aria-label: Grabbable balloon
    aria-grabbed: false
    tabindex: 0
    _note: ""
svg image[*|href *= 'balloon-yellow']:
    title: The balloon
    _note: ""

svg image[*|href *= 'phet-logo']:
    title: PhET logo

svg g[transform *= '3.14357']:  #Was: '0.97023'
    role: link
    title: PhET logo - links to PhET website, and 'About...' page
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