A searchable library database.

  • Title: Westlaw UK
  • Subjects: Law; Database
  • Description: "Legislation, cases and law journals for the UK and EU. With an index of legal terms that gives definitions, links to cases, suggested terms and related searches. Select Skip at the My Westlaw UK Profile log in box, unless you want to use the personalisation features"
  • Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
  • Creation Date: 2000

Sent: 01 July 2015 09:19 Subject: Links not outlining - HTML5 problem?

Hi C**,

I don’t know whether you can help or have suggestions who I can contact (maybe Pete M.?), but I have started experiencing problems with links outlining in some databases. I can tab between the links, but they don’t highlight or outline so I can’t see where I am on the page. Tabbing between form fields, such as the search box and check boxes is fine though. One example is a database called Westlaw UK. The links used to outline fine but now ...


Fixes Edit

%YAML 1.2
    name: {{PAGENAME}}
    # Required, 1+. Glob syntax.
    # Required, 1+.
    default_locale: en-GB
# Syntax and fix example.
"#My ID selector":
    _note: A comment
    role: <ROLE>
    tabindex: 0
    aria-label: <ARIA property>
    title: <TITLE>
    style: <STYLE>

# Start fixes...

Style Edit

a:focus, a:hover {
    outline: 2px dotted red !important;