The translation activity is very much a work in progress. Please get involved! We are working to localize the user interface of the bookmarklets, user-Javascript and browser add-ons. And, the accessibility fixes can also be translated.

Localized bookmarklets Edit

Links for localized bookmarklets

To use the above bookmarklets, please drag them into the bookmark toolbar in your browser, or right-click on the bookmarklet lint and choose to "bookmark" or "favourite" the link.

User interface Edit

We are using GNU Gettext to translate the user interface. To contribute translations you will need an editor, such as the free Poedit:

Current templates and language packs/ files:

Submit contributions to

Thank you!

Fixes Edit

When we talk about "translating the fixes", we mean translating those HTML attributes that are human readable. An incomplete list of these are "alt", "title", "aria-label" and "placeholder". Other attributes including most of the WAI-ARIA properties and states, cannot and do not need translating.

Currently, fixes are translated "in-line". So, taking the snippet below from the fixes for Google search as an example, you can see the HTML attribute "title". Directly below it, you can see the Spanish translation "", Mandarin Chinese ("title.zh-CN") and so on. The "placeholder" HTML5 form attribute can be translated in a similar manner.

I'm aware that if there are a lot of translations for a site, the fixes could become unmanageable. It's experimental, so alternative suggestions are welcome!

%YAML 1.2
        - http://**
# ...
# ...

"[name = q]":
    title: Type a search term Escriba un término de búsqueda
    title.zh-CN: 输入搜索内容
    # ...
    placeholder: Type a search term Escriba un término de búsqueda
    placeholder.zh-CN: 输入搜索内容
    # ...

Best practice? Edit

Where a site needs accessibility fixes, and the site is itself localized, the attributes "aria-labelledby" and "aria-describedby" are preferred in place of (or as well as) "aria-label". That is, use exist translations where possible!

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