Below you will find simple steps to try the Accessify Wiki end-user tools on Internet Explorer and the iPad/ iPhone. After trying the tools please consider completing the survey, to help shape the direction of the project.

Internet Explorer Edit

Follow the steps to add the bookmarklet to Internet Explorer:

  1. Make sure your “Favorites Bar” is visible. If it is not, right click on any part of the menu bar and make sure “Favorites Bar” is checked;
  2. Right-click on the link above labelled "Accessify" (Shift + F10 if you aren't using a mouse),
 Figure 1. Clicking on the bookmarklet in Internet Explorer
  1. Choose "Add to favorites…" from the right-click context menu;
  2. If you get a security message "You are adding a favorite that might be unsafe. Do you want to continue?" choose "Yes";
 Figure 2.
  1. In the "Add a Favorite" dialog box, leave the Name ("Accessify") and against "Create in:" choose the option "Favorites Bar";
 Figure 3.
  1. The bookmarklet "Accessify" will appear in the Favorites bar, which is just below the Internet Explorer address bar;

Visit and press the "Accessify" bookmarklet button in the Favorites bar;

iPad Edit

Follow the steps to install the bookmarklet in Safari on the iPad:

  1. On your device visit "Settings" > "Safari", and under "General" switch "Always Show Bookmarks Bar" to "ON";
  2. Return to Safari;
  3. Find and click the link labelled "Accessify" bookmarklet;
  4. Next click Safari's Add Bookmark icon (Icon 1) and choose to Bookmark the link. Don't make any changes, simply "Save" the bookmark;
  5. Click on the Bookmark icon (Icon 2) and press the "Edit" button in the top-right corner of the Bookmarks window;
  6. Find and click on your new bookmark;
  7. Edit the URL (it starts "http://..." and ends "...Child(S)%7D)();") -- touch and hold your finger over the field. When a magnifying glass appears move your finger to the left, to navigate to the start of the URL;
 Figure 4.
  1. Use backspace () to remove everything from the URL field before the "javascript:..." part (the URL will have the form (
  2. When you've finished editing touch somewhere else in Safari to close the Bookmarks window;
  3. Visit and press the "Accessify" bookmarklet button in the Bookmarks bar.
 Figure 5.

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