Software tools for end-users.

Below are two prototype tools to apply accessibility fixes to the sites that you visit. The first, a user Javascript will attempt to find fixes for every page you visit without your intervention. On the other hand, if you install the bookmarklet (favelet) you will need to press it for every page.

Both tools are built on AccessifyHTML5.js.

To give feedback on the tools write on my wall or find @nfreear on Twitter.

User Javascript Edit

Currently works in Firefox/ Greasemonkey and Chrome/ Tampermonkey] (other browsers to follow - Cross-browser user scripting).

Instructions for use with Firefox and Greasemonkey:

  1. Download and install the Firefox web browser,
  2. Install the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox,
  3. Press to install the user Javascript{#userjs}.

Other installation instructions and user Javascripts.

Bookmarklet Edit

The bookmarklet works in all browsers.

Accessify (*) bookmarklet – right-click and add or save me to your browser's bookmarks or favourites bar (Chrome and Safari users will wish to start by copying the link).