The Accessify Wiki browser add-ons are for people with a wide-range of disabilities(*). Some specific example of ways in which they help are:

  1. Users with dyslexia often have difficulty with web sites that use black text on a pure white background and prefer customized background and text-colour combinations. Accessify Wiki modifies the background colour of some well-known sites including Google Search, to aid readability (**);
  2. Users who prefer or need to navigate using the keyboard typically use the TAB key to move between links, buttons and form controls. Some web sites prevent this, through poor design. Accessify Wiki allows these controls to be retrospectively fixed for keyboard users;
  3. Blind and low-vision users typically use a screen reader to speak a web page aloud. In order for important images to be understandable they need to contain "ALT" or alternative text. Where ALT text is missing through poor design, Accessify Wiki allows images to be retrospectively fixed, making the page accessible to blind users;

* We use the term disability as it the commonly understood term. However, it should be noted that it is typically the environment, either built, online or cultural that disables people, and not conditions like dyslexia or a motor impairment.

** Note, at present Accessify Wiki does not allow personalization of, for example, fore- and background colours. This will be considered for future development.

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